Adaptation and Agronomic Performance of Domesticated Moroccan Oat (Avena magna ssp. domestica) Lines under Subsistence Farming Conditions at Multiple Locations in Morocco


1. Introduction

2. Materials and Methods

2.1. Plant Materials

2.2. Experimental Sites

2.3. Experimental Design

2.4. Measurements and Observations

2.5. Statistical Analyses

3. Results and Discussion

3.1. Intra-Locality Analyses

3.1.1. Assessments of Disease Tolerances

3.1.2. Analyses of Agro-Morphological Traits

3.1.3. Analyses of Productivity Traits

3.2. Interlocality Analyses

3.2.1. Three-Factor ANOVA’s and CV’s

3.2.2. Correlation Matrix

3.2.3. Principal Component Analysis

3.2.4. AMMI Analysis

Author Contributions


Institutional Review Board Statement

Informed Consent Statement

Data Availability Statement


Conflicts of Interest




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